Our Values

FNA is a farmer-centric organization built on three pillars: Growth, Efficiency and Member Value (GEMValue).
Our daily actions are guided by 5 foundational values:

Maximizing Farm Profitability itself is a core value.

It is a moral and economic imperative to seek value for our members. Revenues from increasing farm product prices are transferred disproportionately to farm input suppliers, resulting in what economists call a “misallocation of resources.” This misallocation distorts the economy by, for example, reducing the amount of money that stays in the local area where the farmer lives. We believe that monopolistic pricing is the moral equivalent of theft, since the beneficiary is taking money that is not earned.

By having input prices capture a disproportionate share of farm revenue, economic and social resources are shifted away from choices the farmer would make to choices the input supplier makes.

By creating competitive pricing, more money stays in the farmer’s pocket. The final result is that the local community where the farmer lives is better off if there are FNA Members operating there than if uncompetitive prices are paid and shipped off to shareholders around the world. FNA shifts income from Wall Street to Main Street!