How We Communicate

How We Communicate With You

We communicate with Members by striving for a balanced blend of relevant information conveniently offered in a timely fashion.


This is our primary method of ensuring you receive the information necessary to get maximum value from your Membership.

Effectively, email communications from FNA containing information about offers from suppliers or other ways to contribute to your farm profitability are one of the primary services you obtain when you become a Member.

We try to organize things so that you will not receive three or four emails in the same week. So, for example, the Benefits Update will not be sent in the same week as the Management Report.

We respect your communications choices, including your right to unsubscribe to any of our email or text message lists.

Please be aware that a major part of the value of your Membership is in those emails, so unsubscribing could significantly reduce your opportunities to maximize your farm’s profitability. This form is for setting your Communications Preference, not for unsubscribing.

Member Value Alerts

During appropriate months you will generally receive one email per week, with some weeks skipped to avoid overlap with other communications. These emails present supplier offers and special buying opportunities.

Benefits Package Update

Once a month or less frequently, we will send you an email presenting information on benefits and offers from Preferred Suppliers tied to your Membership Card and services available to your farm.

News Releases

Whenever we issue a news release to the general media, we copy FNA Members so that you get the information at the same time as reporters and before it is published.

Management Reports to Members

About once each month FNA Managers are expected to report on their responsibilities and activities to Members to ensure a flow of accountability from FNA management to the Membership.

How else do we communicate?


  • From your Manager: You should receive occasional phone calls from your FNA Member Service Manager to discuss specific value offers from suppliers or to consult with you about FNA, your needs and the priorities you think FNA should be pursuing.
  • From the logistics provider: If you order product from suppliers that is to be delivered to your farm, normally you should receive a total of three pre-delivery calls. The first call will be to establish a general delivery date range that could be as wide as two weeks; the second will let you know a one to five day window the shipment will be sent; and the final call will be from the actual truck driver letting you know the truck is leaving and to be ready to receive your shipment.
  • For quality and service measurement: A sample of Members is periodically called with short survey questions that test FNA service and obtain specific feedback from Members. Since only a sample of Members is called, it is possible that a given Member only receives such a call once in several years, and certainly it should not be a frequent event for any one Member.


We use fax where you have specifically advised us that you do not use email and prefer to receive the information by this method.

Postal Mail

Periodically you will receive MarketPower magazine in your mail box. You will also receive postal mail for routine things you would expect such as Membership renewal invoices.

Text Messages

We periodically send out messages from head office or directly from your member Service Manager, highlighting urgent deadlines, meeting notifications, etc. If you receive a text from us, but wish to have your cell number removed from our list, please let your Member Service Manager know.

Direct Meetings

FNA is exploring options to provide direct on farm contact with Members at least once per year. We feel it is important to maintain a level of personal contact to ensure we are responding to your needs while providing you with updates on the latest product and service offerings of your FNA Membership.

Social Media

Our primary website and associated websites provide a great deal of information to Members. Let us know what you would like to see changed or added.

FNA maintains a Facebook page at Like us!

You can also find us on twitter @FNA_Canada.

Supplier Communications

Some suppliers to FNA Members may be authorized to communicate directly with you. We do not provide the Membership list to anyone, but when you do business with a supplier they necessarily obtain your contact information. They may then use that contact information to engage you in additional communications.

If at any point you do not wish to be contacted by a supplier, let them know that and if they persist advise your Member Service Manager who will take up the matter on your behalf.