Maximizing Farm Profitability for members across America.

 Dedicated to enhancing management efficiency and profit for all farmer members.

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The leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of replacement parts for the Agricultural, Turf, and Industrial markets.

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Purchase your crop hail insurance online from the comfort of your home.

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Varied preferred suppliers are available to meet all your producer needs

Informed by the “Best-bang-for-the-buck”,

FNA management uses advanced consultation and research in our continued market analysis.

Farm Families served in over 20 years of operation.

Billion saved in market-wide impact.

Acres of land represented.

What is FNA?

FNA, the farm business alliance, operates in all sectors of agriculture from grain, cattle and dairy to organics on a singular mission of Maximizing farm profitability.

Joining the Farm Business Alliance is unlike participating in any other agriculture business or alliance. Your membership employs a management team that negotiates farm inputs; encouraging the development of new and competitive products while crafting opportunities for member ownership stake in the supply chain.

More than a supplier or a volume buying collective, FNA champions a systemic overhaul of the supply chain driven by gower-centric interests.

Singularity dedicated to working in the best interest of farmers

Lets build something together!

The Problem

North American farmers are receiving inadequate returns on the land, labour, capital and management they invest in their operations. If we compare net farm income to total farm equity we quickly see that farmers could do better investing in almost anything else and receive higher returns.

FNA's Role

Unlike compulsory systems around the world where organizations or governments are able to mandate participation and obtain government financing, FNA built a dynamic business alliance that farmers employ voluntarily. This fundamental farmer-choice impelling a private business to focus on Member profitability drives FNA to ever higher levels of achievement and distinguishes it as a unique business model.

It is FNA, focused on building the farm business alliance which makes literally all the other successes possible. It is critical that Members understand that building the business alliance is a core purpose in and of itself.

Our Values

FNA is a farmer-centric organization built on three pillars: GrowthEfficiency and Member Value (GEMValue).

Our History

Farmers of North America was first established by a 6th generation Saskatchewan farm, in 1998, with the sole mission of “Maximizing Farm Profitability.”

Since then, FNA has been central in breaking monopoly pricing on glyphosate, driving competition in the entire crop protection industry and most recently the effort to build a fertilizer plant with farmers as owners, not just customers. FNA has over 10,000 members across Canada working over 20 million acres of land.

Our Priorities

Priorities are determined through strategic planning sessions that focus on data from member surveys, farm cost analysis, research on excess margins in different sectors and other factors relevant to farm profitability. As those these factors change, priorities may change with them.  Management listens closely to Members and the FNA Advisory Board for ideas that may lead to redirecting strategies, priorities, and tactics.

Farmers of North America divides its priorities into five primary objectives in our mission to maximize farm profitability.


Become part of the Farm Business Alliance solely dedicated to change the market place so you can purchase inputs and services with better prices, better choices, better terms

Get access to over 30+ preferred suppliers discounts in products that will return more then the cost of the membership

Premium Membership

(Farm over 1200 acres located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)


– Access to al IPreferrred suppliers and intermediary programs of FNA

– Certificate of Guarantee to recover first year your membership cost in products purchase. (Only applicable for new members in first year)


Farmers choosing the premium membership option would gain access to all other preferred suppliers outside of AgraCity that are in partnership with FNA, while also contributing to the value created by FNA and in addition have a right to any “ rebates “ in the MPower rewards program. Eg Hail Insurance, Napa and A&I parts. This value created through FNA would be realized through the profitability of non AGC and Genesis business units or casino online MVI programs (to be defined on a program by program basis. )



Dont just believe us… Here is some of what FNA does and has achieved


Identifies new opportunities to drive down our costs and increase our revenues.

Negotiates with suppliers to get us preferred pricing on inputs ranging from crop protection to petroleum products.

Builds tools for us to own a piece of the supply industry to get back some of the excess prices we pay.

Brings new companies into the market to drive competitive pricing on our inputs.

Three pillars guide our mission: Growth, Efficiency and Member Value (GEMValue).

Client Testimonials

“FNA is the reason why farmers have saved millions over the years. Don’t just believe me, do your own research.”


“The value that you get with FNA membership is 10 to 1. We as farmers get much more in return for what we pa.”


“Around the year 2000 is when I joined FNA, and I have never regretted it. They are giving us so much more for what we pay for our membership. Every year I get much more in return.”


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