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Compiled 16/11/20 Recovery in US agriculture, demand from China sustainable in long term: The Andersons 04/11/2020 Topic: The Andersons announce recovery in US agriculture sustainable in long-term from China demand Pat Bowe, President and CEO of US-based agribusiness...

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Compiled 13/10/2020 CEA startup AppHarvest to go public, expects $475m funding at $1bn valuation 01/10/2020 Topic: CEA startup APPHarvest plans to go public  AppHarvest, a US-controlled environment agriculture (CEA) startup, announced its merge with NASDAQ-listed...

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Compiled 07/09/2020 Some Alberta farmers bracing for worst harvest in 18 years: ‘The damage is done’ 14/07/2020 Topic: Alberta farmers prepare for worst harvest in 18 years After heavy rains and hail storms, some Alberta farmers are preparing for the worst harvest in...

What we do

Through servitude to our members, Farmers of North America Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the profits and management efficiency of our farmer members


What is FNA?

FNA is a management team dedicated to working in the best interest of farmers. The volume of FNA members can accomplish real, tangible change in the marketplace. We organize buying power to help your money go further.

The Problem

North American farmers are receiving inadequate returns. If we compare net farm income to total farm equity we quickly see that farmers could do better investing in almost anything else and receive higher returns.

FNA's Role

FNA built a dynamic business alliance that farmers employ voluntarily. So when we become a Member, we are not buying products. We are building the farm business alliance.

Our Values

FNA is a farmer-centric organization built on three pillars: Growth, Efficiency and Member Value (GEMValue).

Our History

FNA has been central in breaking monopoly pricing on glyphosate, driving competition in the entire crop protection industry. FNA has had over 10,000 members across Canada working over 20 million acres of land.


Our Priorities

Priorities are determined through strategic planning sessions that focus on data from member surveys, farm cost analysis, research on excess margins in different sectors and other factors relevant to farm profitability.