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Why the cost of inputs is so high?

Do you know why the cost of inputs are so high in 2023? As a farmer…What’s your strategy for dealing with the consolidation of agricultural suppliers into ever fewer companies with more power to extract the highest prices from you?


What is creating this problem?

Big International Corporations (oligopolies) set prices and control the markets offering fewer options and higher margins on products. Even when you think you are supporting locals when buying your inputs, the Manufacturer of the product (crop protection products, fertilizer, etc) has extremely high margins of profit for themselves. Making farmers price takers, with fewer options and directly impacting your farm profitability.


What is the solution?

Building a community. This is how humans have successfully survived and become better and stronger. Moving together towards the same objectives is simply easier, faster and better. FNA brings farmers together with a single purpose, bringing the balance of power back in favour of farmers, and increasing farm profits.

How do we do it?

From negotiating to create competition in the markets to provide better options,
better prices, and better terms for farmers across Canada.


FNA Consolidates negotiation power. We negotiate with suppliers to get us preferred pricing on inputs


FNA brings new companies into the market to drive competitive pricing on our inputs


FNA identifies new opportunities and executes the strategies to drive down your costs and increase your revenue


Builds tools for us to own a piece of the supply industry to get back some of the excess prices we pay.

FNA does not go after the margin of your local retailer, we go after the high margins international corporations are taking to their board of directors and investors, with 4 main strategies

For what products or Services do we do this?

In order to increase your farm profitability, FNA focus in getting for our members better prices,
better choices, better terms using above mentioned strategies for the following products and services.

Crop protection products

and data



Grain handling
and marketing


Farm machinery


Fuel and lubricants



“Around the year 2000 is when I joined FNA, and I have never regretted it. They are giving us so much more for what we pay for our membership. Every year I get much more in return.”


“The value that you get with FNA membership is 10 to 1. We as farmers get much more in return for what we pa.”


“FNA is the reason why farmers have saved millions over the years. Don’t just believe me, do your own research.”


The importance of building a strong community of farmers

A strong community where farmers trust FNA can negotiate on their behalf and build companies that compete against oligopolies who control the options and prices for farm products. Our community brings back the balance of power in favour of farmers. Instead of being price takers, farmers now have options to reduce the cost of their inputs and increase their profits.

Instead of farming 10,100,1000 or 10,000 acres acting alone, when you join FNA you have the negotiation power of over 20 million acres. The impact of each farmer joining the business alliance makes all the difference.

The Alliance

In fact, you do not “join” FNA in the normal sense. It is more accurate to say you “employ” FNA, a management team that is constantly developing new strategies, and investment opportunities, to break monopoly pricing to the benefit of farm profitability.

Instead of farming 10,100,1000 or 10,000 acres acting alone, when you join FNA you have the negotiation power of over 20 million acres. The impact of each farmer joining the business alliance makes all the difference.

  • a


    The OUI program, which changed markets from over $9 to $5 to now almost $3 per liter on over 40 million liters of glyphosate used per year.

  • 2007


    The fertilizer program in Eastern Canada that saved members more than $100/tonne on urea

  • a


    Ontario Farmers saved $X per on Fertilizertone and changed the on Farm storage infrustructure. Saving millions of dollars.

  • 2009


    The creation of the value in the Farmer Trust from the CWB that otherwise may not exist.

  • a


    Quebec Farmers saved $250 per tone through the FNA fertilizer program.

  • 2010


    The Aurora effect, reducing the cost of Horizon and related products by 60 million dollars in 30 days.

  • a


    The reduction in Ivermectin pices from over $400 to under $100 per unit.

  • 2011


    Carbon credit program, 10% more payment for Carbon sequestrian in Alberta under the Government program. 2 million in sales x 300 members participating.

  • a


    he net margins on dozens of generic products: a most striking example of this is imazethapyr/ Pursuit/ Kamakaze where the cost in the global sourcing market is only 6% of the Canadian retail market!

  • 2015


    Genesis our fertilizer plant. As current industry blening in distribution margins $50-$80 per tone.

  • a


    Project N, our second fertilizer plant for FNA members. This will save millions to our members.

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