Hail Insurance

For the 2022 growing season, CO-OP Hail Insurance is available for FNA Members located in Saskatchewan. At this time, options are not available for Alberta and Manitoba. 


Providing more value for our Members, FNA has offered a hail insurance alternative in Manitoba and Saskatchewan for over ten years through Co-operative Hail Insurance. Don’t leave your investment to Mother Nature! Get peace of mind with Co-op Hail Insurance through Farmers of North America.


For the last four years, Co-op Hail paid out “Co-op Dividends” of 5% to its Members! Join the growing number of farmers in Saskatchewan who look to Co-op Hail Insurance for competitive rates, prompt settlement, member dividends and a 15% harvest allowance.After submitting this form an FNA representative will contact you with your hail insurance quote. You can submit up to 20 at a time.

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