Our Members

We are a business alliance of farmers in every sector of agriculture across Canada, working over 20 million acres of land.

Our largest Members, by land size, farm over 60,000 acres and our smallest have a single quarter section or less. Some of the smallest by land are quite large by revenue, operating intensive livestock or other high-value / low land-use production types.

Most of us operate mixed farms with crop production being dominant. Whether as part of a mixed operation or dedicated, a large majority of us who are involved in livestock are beef producers, with representation from pork, elk, poultry, dairy and even bison.

We are active in the agriculture community with many of us being members of one or more other farm organizations. Our Members have reported also being members of the following farm organizations (alphabetical order, no endorsement implied):

Agriculture Producers of Saskatchewan
Alberta Barley
Alberta Beef Producers
Alberta Elk Growers
Alberta Federation of Agriculture
Alberta Sugar Beet Growers
Alberta Wheat Commission
B.C. Cattlemen’s Association
Beef Farmers of Ontario
British Columbia Agriculture Council
Canadian Angus Association
Canadian Shorthorn Association
Canadian Simmental Association
Grain Farmers of Ontario
Keystone Agriculture Producers
Manitoba Beef Producers
Manitoba Canola Growers Association
Manitoba Seed Growers Association
National Farmers Union
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Perth County Pork Producers
Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association
Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Association
Saskatchewan Seed Growers Association
Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission
Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission
Western Barley Growers Association
Western Canadian Grain Growers Association

FNA Members can sign in to submit a farm organization that is not on the list.