Marvin Schauf

For the last forty years, Marvin has been operating a grain, oilseed and special crop farmer near Stoughton, SK. For twenty of those years he also had cattle. He has two sons that are actively involved in the farm, and also have full-time jobs off the farm.

Marvin was a delegate to the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool for 23 years. During that time, he served as Director for District 1 for twelve years, and Vice President of the Board of Directors for four years. Marvin also served as Vice President of Canadian Federation of Agriculture, which introduced him to the rest of Canadian Agriculture and the agriculture and people of many other countries. Marvin was also Policy Manager for The Agriculture Producers of Saskatchewan (APAS) for several years. While in each of these roles, Marvin continued to be actively involved in the farming operations to keep current with the real issues of agriculture.

One of Marvin’s main concerns for the future of agriculture is the vulnerability as primary producers for profitability. Producers who grow plants have nowhere to pass costs that continue to be passed to them from both downstream and upstream system players. Marketplaces continue to consolidate and producers continue to become more vulnerable. Marvin believes that FNA can be a tool, used appropriately, to reduce this vulnerability and make the industry and producers stronger.