James Mann

James Mann was raised and worked a family farm near Hodgeville in Southwestern Saskatchewan. He has operated the farm for over 35 years. While learning the skills of modern agriculture as an inherent part of managing a successful farm, James also chose to obtain his Bachelor of Science (Animal Science) at the University of Saskatchewan.

Innovation was standard fare on the farm, from inventing unique farm equipment to address specific needs to creating new strategies to manage the farms cost structure and financial needs.

Dissatisfaction with the low rates of return to land, labour, capital and management drove James to create solutions that transformed the fragmented and often conflicting interests of farmers with weak market influence into a business alliance tightly focused on maximizing farm profitability and growing farmer market power.

James launched this business strategy in earnest with the launch of Farmers of North America in 1998. His achievements since then include creating entirely new businesses independently and in partnerships such as Argracity Crops and Nutrition, Agserve Ltd. and most recently FNA Farmers Fertilizer Limited Partnership. He has a proven record in dealing with hundreds of suppliers across the world and is one of the true experts in understanding the agriculture supply chain from farm field to consumer plate.

James has been a regular witness before Parliamentary Committees, providing his expertise to public policy makers and has been instrumental in driving change in Canada’s regulatory system, notably in reforming the farm chemical regulatory regime. He has worked with government officials in multiple countries and has strong relationships with top tier farm organizations in North America.