Saudi Arabia trade stats (wheat sales)

by Glenn Caleval

With the announcement of the sale of the CWB to a Saudi – Bunge partnership, interest has been raised in the trading relationship between Canada and Saudi Arabia, particularly regarding wheat sales. The Middle East has been an important market for Canada’s non-Durum wheat and Saudi purchases largely mirror the pattern of the Middle East. Whether or not that market can be grown remains to be seen, with significant transportation differences against Back Sea wheat.

Wheat Exports to Saudi - Middle East

Source: Statistics Canada. Table 001-0015 – Exports of grains, by final destination, monthly (tonnes) (retrieved: April 16, 2015). Chart by Farmers of North America

The Middle East is frequently a much better customer for Canada’s non-Durum wheat than the United States. Those anticipating historic increases in wheat sales south of the border following marketing freedom may find the comparison disappointing.

Wheat Exports to Middle East - US