Novexco Joins FNA – Deal for Members

If you haven't heard of Novexco it’s because they operate directly with the business-to-business market rather than the general consumer market. They are excited to join the business network of suppliers to Canadian FNA Members as it just makes sense being a Canadian company.

Novexco is offering FNA Members a 10% price reduction when shopping for offices supplies online. Special programs will be negotiated in future, depending on Member take up / sign up.

A key reason why the FNA Member Value Team welcomes Novexco is their willingness to deliver to rural post offices, which is not common for online ordering of office supplies but will ship for free any order that is received (before taxes) with a minimum total order value of $50.00. Offering regional delivery is key to a successful partnership but also important is providing access to a large range of office supply products from ordering Paper to Shredders to Technology products -- and even Personal Protection / Health & Safety Equipment.

Some of the key features are:

  •  Over 16,000+ product references
  •  View “Live Inventory” Counts
  • Online Tools:
    • Design Custom Stamps
    • Online Invoicing & Packing Slip
    • Track Orders online
    • Back Order Management
    • Purchasing Lists (Favorites)
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Mail Rebate Offers and much more…
  • Next Day Delivery (where possible)
  • 2-3 day delivery for non-dedicated areas / rural areas
  • 1-800 Bilingual Customer Support


To start ordering your supplies today, FNA Members are required to set up an account – so please email to get set up your account application form.

Visit to browse products available.

For the past 5 years, Novexco has been recognized as one of Canada's Best Managed Company, with a B2B customer portfolio that includes: Government of Canada, Westjet Airlines, Cenovus Energy, ATCO Group, SNC Lavalin, Investors Group, LifeLabs Canada, Great West Life, Sonepar/Gescan, Lordco Auto Parts, PostMedia Network, BDO Dunwoody, Government of Saskatchewan, Molson Canada, and most recently added the Ontario Government as its official office supplier.

Email today to just set up your account and quote your FNA Membership # to start doing business with this supplier immediately.

Pause on Tax Changes

The following was distributed to Canadian media and farm publications via CNW News Service.

Federal government needs to put the brakes on tax changes

SASKATOON, Sept. 28, 2017 - Farmers of North America Strategic Agriculture Institute today called on the federal government to act with rural agriculture in mind by extending the consultations on any proposed tax changes, decisions that that will have serious consequences for farm families for generations.

"Farm operations already contribute a fair share of needed federal tax revenue. It is critical that any proposed ideas or changes to tax law be fully exposed to genuine consultation, including impact assessments, with those most affected" said James Mann, President of FNA-STAG.

To protect the future of our farms, FNA-STAG is asking for a complete stop to the process until the matter can go through full Parliamentary process.

While hearings should be held by the House of Commons Finance Committee, because these changes significantly impact farm families, the Standing Committee on Agriculture should also hold hearings with relevant testimony which would provide for a more in-depth accounting of the true impact.

Even before that however, the proposed changes should be brought back to the farm community to provide opportunity for meaningful discourse. Decisions without patience and attention to detail may result in irreversible consequences.

False assumptions have taken over much of the discussion. The proposed changes present a complex set of scenarios that may be completely different for different farmers, and they need time to consult with their financial advisors.

There is an assumption that only the rich will be impacted. Nothing could be further from the truth. This will knee-cap farmers that find making ends meet a daily challenge and penalize those who have taken the government's advice – using experts to plan for the future.

Meaningful consultation, adequate research and a more deliberate targeted approach would serve all sectors much better.


For further information: Bob Friesen, Farmers of North America Strategic Agriculture Institute: Phone: 1-613-230-2222, Cell: 1-613-852-9711, Email:

FNA-STAG is a not-for-profit institute that collaborates with other organizations to improve agriculture policy and regulation where it impacts directly on farm profitability. Farmers of North America (FNA) is a national farmers' business alliance, a private sector solution provider that negotiates lower input prices and develops programs for farmer members to maximize their profitability.

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