Town Halls Coming Soon!

Crop Production Show - January  10

Meet fellow Members and your FNA Managers
Hall A #2 1:00 - 4:00

Talk about the new fleet of crop products
And enter to win a Ford F350!

Watch this Space for a Town Hall Near You!

FNA Members are meeting across West Canada to talk about AgraCity's historic unveiling of the largest fleet of new generic products ever released in a single season, to get an update on Genesis and ProjectN, and to participate in new amazing promotions. Details are being finalized.


AgraCity Primary Supplier to FNA Members

AgraCity is the primary supplier of crop inputs to FNA Members and has already saved Members millions in its 10 years of successes. From Crop protection to crop nutrition AgraCity is a vital partner in creating new solutions and new opportunities for Members.

Visit AgraCity to learn more.

AgraCity is giving farmers a chance to win one of three fully loaded Ford F-350s


Find out how to participate at


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