Farm profitability key to food policy

Farmers of North America (FNA) in a written release welcomed the federal government's decision to extend consultations on the proposed National Food Policy, noting however that farmers are in harvest, with little opportunity to participate.

A National Food Policy

1. Must recognize farm profitability as a necessary precondition for success

2. Address lack of competitive markets for farm inputs, directly target anti-competitive practices

3. Demand efficiency and transparency in regulatory processes, insist all relevant evidence be part of decision-making, that repeating work conducted in credible jurisdictions end

4. Allocate costs for government mandates to the government

5. Compensate farmers for contributions to the policy’s goals including environmental stewardship

6. Create a new aggressive posture for Canadian trade relations, ensuring that Canadian farmers are championed when trading partners are not playing by the rules.

Noting that much of the food policy discussion addresses issues other than farm profitability, FNA supports any consensus positions of general farm organizations, including CFA, commodity groups and livestock associations.

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DSG – FNA deal for Members

DSG (Diesel Systems & Generators) is well known in much of the farming community not just for parts and additives but particularly for Performance Chips.

DTE Performance Chips are valued by farmers who use them because they pay for themselves many times over.

The deal for FNA Members is a 10% price reduction on all parts and Performance Chips for farm machinery and equipment, as well as fuel additives and conditioners. (excluding labour)

10% may not sound like a lot but some FNA Members have already reported saving more than the dollar-value of the Membership using this DSG deal to outfit their machinery with performance chips.

Product focus

DSG Performance Chips


DTE Performance Chips optimize engine performance by adjusting, in real-time, the injection cycle of an engine’s fuel injection system.

DTE Performance Chips provide 15-25% more torque and horsepower, and can improve fuel economy up to 15%!

Product focus

4+ Premium is a multifunction premium diesel fuel additive that provides peak operating efficiency by preventing fuel degradation and minimizing down-time. It improves the lubricity and cetane ratings of fuel allowing for decreased engine component wear and improving cold starts, removes water from fuel tanks, and improves fuel economy and engine performance.

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