Membership Benefits Package

What is the Membership Benefits Package?

The Membership Benefits Package contains features and Member Value that “come with the card.” Similar to traditional membership benefits that you might find associated with other organizations, it includes things like discounts or other preferential treatment from specific retailers or service providers. Generally this means you deal directly with a retail location and your Member Service Manager does not assist in your order (though they will get answers to questions and be your advocate to these suppliers).

Of course the greatest benefits of your FNA Membership comes from competitive pricing on key farm inputs  including crop protection, fertilizer and even hydraulic oils. Those “benefits” are delivered by major and intermediate suppliers and can be explored in the Member Value Portal under Products or Suppliers.

Access to Major Services

FNA Membership Benefits includes access to industry-leading and in some cases entirely unique services. To learn more, click on the appropriate service:

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Hail Insurance

Programs - Finance

Preferred Suppliers - Livestock

AgServe offers Livestock Supplies to FNA Members!

Preferred Suppliers - Consumer Discounts

Preferred Suppliers - Travel Package

Preferred Suppliers - Automotive & Equipment