Supplier Credits

All 3-Year $2500 Memberships are eligible for a Supplier Credit of $1,500.

These credits are provided by the suppliers, not FNA. Select suppliers to FNA Members want to ensure we benefit from the value they contribute to an FNA Membership. The suppliers get more Members participating in the programs and we get an extra bite out of the prices we pay for inputs.

And note, the supplier credits are in addition to any other offer and can be use in combination with any other offer. So, if a participating supplier runs a special that reduces their already-competitive prices, we still get to use our supplier credits to take the price down even further.

  • Credits are in $50 increments.
  • One credit can be applied for every $1000 in qualified purchases (effectively 5% of the purchase price) OR One credit for every $2000 in glyphosate purchases.

If utilized, Supplier Credits reduce the effective cost of an FNA Membership to $1000 over a 3 year period, for a net cost of $333 per annum — one of the lowest prices available in years.

Current qualifying products are:

MPower Aurora
MPower Good Harvest
MPower Hellcat
MPower Kamikaze
MPower Krypton
MPower R
MPower X
MPower X-Pro
MPower Glyphosate*
MPower 2,4-D Ester 700
MPower MCPA Ester 500
MPower MCP Amine 500

BoostN Inoculant
BoostXFactor Inoculant


MPower MicroPhos
MPower LiquidGold Start

MPower Oils & Lubes

Galaxy Tiress

 List subject to change without notice. Ask at the time of ordering.