Genesis – starting something wonderful

Genesis Grain & Fertilizer’s objective is to develop a Western Canadian fertilizer sales and distribution business with the potential for future grain handling facilities.

Genesis is taking a phased approach to executing the Project. “Phase 1” is the completion of the Fertilizer Sales & Distribution Plan which will include the construction of seven Supercenters across western Canada. “Phase 2” is the completion of the Grain Handling & Marketing Plan which will see co-locating of high volume grain handling facilities with the fertilizer Supercenters.

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Project N

Fertilizer costs have long been a concern for farmers. This point was reaffirmed by a recent survey of members of Farmers of North America, where nearly three quarters of respondents indicated they’d be interested in a fertilizer investment opportunity.

The goal of ProjectN is not to drive down prices in the fertilizer industry, instead to create an opportunity for FNA Members to directly benefit from ownership in a new fertilizer business.

The FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership will do just that.


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Posted on Feb 11, 2014

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