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In the following pages you will find the details of many Membership Benefits.

But we should not lose sight of the big ticket return on investment farmers can have from their Membership. By employing the farmer business alliance, serious dollars are achieved on major input costs from the primary supplier AgraCity Crop and Nutrtion. We have already broken the back of monopoly pricing on glyphosate and Horizon-like products, and brought price discipline to the fertilizer market with many ad hoc fertilizer programs.


Your Management Team

Farmers do not “join” FNA like one would join an association or a club. Instead we employ FNA as part of the Management Team of our farms.

Every day FNA Managers are working to find new opportunities to maximize our farm profitability. Whether it is negotiating with new suppliers or causing entire new businesses to be created, the commitment is proven, and it is successful. That is our Membership at work for us and our farms.

Working with governments to get the rules right for things like generic chemical registrations so that there are more competitive products being released is a skill that FNA has taken to new heights — no one in Canada knows more about how that system works and how it needs to be improved. That is our Membership at work for us and our farms.


A BIG Indirect Benefit

Making sure your other suppliers know that you are an FNA Member has a remarkably fast influence on prices they offer. Members routinely save thousands of dollars simply by asking for a quote to “check against FNA pricing.” If the price is suddenly $4/acre lower, one might wonder why that margin wasn’t freed up long ago, but the important thing is that going forward the supplier is likely to off the best price they can rather than the highest price they think you can afford.


Different Types of Suppliers

There are three basic “types” of suppliers to FNA Members: primary, intermediate and preferred. There are also programs that are operated internally by FNA itself.

Always remember one key rule: FNA’s role is to be on the side of the Member regardless the type of supplier.


1. Primary suppliers

Primary suppliers are those that were created specifically to supply FNA Members with key crop inputs. AgraCity, ProjectN and Genesis are current examples. These businesses were created with Member action with the intended purpose of delivering better prices in more efficient ways. They were created as separate businesses to ensure that FNA, the membership business, never has a direct interest in selling products to its own Members. Doing so can cause mission drift, making FNA into just another retailer trying to get farmers to buy as much as possible. That is not our role.

Members should always get a quote from AgraCity before making any key crop input purchase. If their price is substantially better than other sources, it should be an easy decision. If their price is very close, consider buying from them to sustain the ongoing development of more programs. If their price just is not competitive with other sources, use the other sources. It is always about making the best decision for your farm.


2. Intermediate suppliers

Intermediate suppliers are those that provide important inputs or services that do not fall into a major category like crop protection or fertilizer or were not created specifically to supply FNA Members. The lubricant program is from an intermediate supplier, Nemco Lubricants & Chemicals.


3. Preferred Suppliers

Preferred suppliers are businesses that have agreed to give FNA Members a deal on their products or services, often similar to the kinds of offers that come with organization “membership benefits.” The difference with FNA is that our preferred suppliers include some that are highly valuable to farmers, like Cummins, DSG, SkyWest and so on.

For most preferred suppliers all that is required is the FNA Membership number. Some do require Members to set up accounts as they are business-to-business operations that do not sell directly to consumers.

Some suppliers have restricted geographic services or may not be able to ship economically across the country. Always ask about shipping costs while getting a quote.


4. FNA Agency 

FNA is an official agent for Co-op Hail and the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency. Contact a Member Service Manager directly.


Course Corrections

It is absolutely vital that Members keep their FNA Management informed about all suppliers. Are suppliers providing good prices? Are they delivering what they promise? Are they delivering when they promise?

No matter who the supplier is, always remember that FNA is the Membership, and it is committed first and foremost to maximizing farm profitability, not the interests of any supplier. Information on getting good deals is as important as getting information on bad ones. Entire programs have been dropped because Members did not show sufficient interest to justify the use of Membership money on their continuation. Suppliers have been dropped because they have failed to deliver to Members as promised. Call us: 1-877-362-3276


Preferred Supplier Deals

Note about pricing lingo
Different suppliers describe pricing in slightly different ways. “Wholesale pricing” means FNA Members receive the wholesale price, but that may be somewhat different from “dealer pricing” which refers to the price paid by the manufacturers own dealer network. Jobber rates are commercial discounts given to trades or “job rates” offered to individuals who buy in bulk. It is not always the case that one is lower than the other. It is always important to get quotes using your FNA Membership number from more than one supplier, including from more than one FNA Preferred Supplier if there are more than one offering the same products.


A&I Products
Wholesale pricing on huge inventory of parts and supplies.
Access the online Member Portal at
Availability: Canada-wide

DT Tire
Preferred Pricing and free delivery on orders of at least 4 Passenger or 8 Medium truck (Semi) tires.
Availability: Western Canada.

Canadian Tarpaulin (CanTarp)
10% price reduction on all CanTarp manufactured products, 5% on high quality grain bags with double the thickness of standard brands (third-party manufacturer)
Availability: will ship nationally, based in Prairie regions.

FNA Member deal is 20% off all cattle waterers. Other products at dealer pricing include Advance Equipment Concepts, CoolHog.
Availability: primarily Western Canada as shipping costs East may make the offer uncompetitive.
Key Contact for members Monty Heldt

Feature Deal: 50% off Fleetguard Filters. Other parts/products wholesale or better pricing. 10% reduction on labour rates for in-your-field or in-shop service. Cummins Fleetguard filters come with a full engine replacement guarantee. Cummins is the ideal partner for farmers who do scheduled maintenance and don’t want to risk a crop with breakdowns during seeding or harvest.
Availability: Western Canada

MarketPower Assurance
Insure sales for up to 90% of the revenue. Allows freedom to sell to new customers, in new markets around the world, or secure sales to existing customers. FNA Member deal 30% reduction in premium. Members with processing operations, small or large, can use the program to sell processed products as well.
Availability: Canada-wide, all types for farm sales, food processors, all ag related sales.
Contact: use the form at or call FNA: 1-877-362-3276

Diesel Services Group (DSG)
DSG is globally recognized for its engine performance chips — achieving fuel reductions up to 20%. These chips work on all engines with electronic components such as generators, not just large farm equipment. FNA Members have access to the DTE Performance Chips and DSG Fuel Additives with a 10% price reduction.
Availability: Canada-wide
Contact: Vist a dealer or their web site

FNA Member Deal is wholesale or better pricing. EMCO supplies plumbing, heating, HVAC, irrigation, geothermal and many other products. While many of these products are relevant in farm infrastructure, don’t forget about the home. Members have saved as much as $6,000 on a kitchen remodel using EMCO.
Availability: Canada-wide – check locations

SkyWest Truck & Trailer Corp
SkyWest manufactures trailer specifically for the farm market including production intended for FNA Members in particular. Products suitable for a farmer with a single truck to a fleet of SuperB’s.
SkyWest pays for a 3 year FNA Membership on any purchase of any truck or specific trailer promotion – $1,500.
Availability: Western Canada
Contact: Tim, 1-855-264-7400

Macjaw LED Lighting
FNA Member Deal: 50% – 65% off comparable market prices
Availability: Canada-wide
Contact: 306-494-7866

FNA Member Deal: 10% reduction for online orders. Free delivery to rural post office boxes on orders with total value of $50.00.
Availability: Canada-wide

Loomis / DHL
FNA Member Deal: 5% – 75% depending on corridor. FNA Members treated as single shipper/receiver, rates equal to transnational corporations best rate.
Availability: Canada-wide
Corrine Gordon, Loomis Express (for in-Canada)
Matthew Sims, DHL Express (Canada), Ltd. (for international)
Tel (204) 982-8539

Other Ag
Fountain Tire – up to 15% off tires and wheels.
ExperTire – Jericho Tire Changer Preferred Pricing on presentation of FNA Membership Card / Number.
Market Tire – FNA Preferred pricing. (Discounts vary according to supplier’s wholesale purchasing)
National Energy Equipment – Member Pricing of Chem Traveller pumps and metering systems.
Taurus Natural Livestock Supplements – Member Pricing of Mineral and medicated blocks and supplements.
Canadian Hay and Silage – Up to 15% off bale wrap, net wrap and other harvest products.
C-Tags (formerly Compass) – 40% off blank and custom printed Y-tex dangle tags & Medi-Dart.
Dimos Labtronics – Preferred pricing on manual or automatic Model 919 Moisture tester Kit tester with 500g scale , 0.5 L measure, digital thermometer and case.
Truckline Parts & Service10-30% below retail.  Members must provide FNA Card Number
NAPA – Up to 30% year end rebate.

Finance & Risk Management Partners
Cherry Insurance – Up to 30% off farm property and liability insurance with unique Coverage Extensions offered by no other provider.
Western Financial – Save up to 20% on premium and coverage.
Agriculture Credit Corporation – Input financing offers.
Desjardins – Agricard.

Uniglobe Travel – Discounts on flights and packages.
Choice Hotels – Corporate rates.
Sandman Hotels – Corporate rates and other perks.
Avis Budget Car Rental – Up to 25% off rental fee.
CAA – $25 to $50 savings on membership.
Park n Fly – 15% off long term parking.

Marks Work Warehouse – 10% off all purchases.
RONA – Up to 10% off purchases.
Dawgs Canada – 25% off regular pricing.

Make sure to call FNA with questions, issues, or suggestions for new suppliers. Stay in touch and keep on your email whitelist.