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Largest property and casualty brokerage in Western Canada. Provide auto, home, farm and business insurance across BC, AB, SK, and MB. In most locations also offer life insurance products, travel insurance, some investment services, and deposit and loan services such as the purchase of GIC’s, as well as personal and commercial mortgages and loans.

Western Financial Group has been working with their farm insurance companies to design an insurance product for the Farmers of North America Network.
We believe that our new product offers the best coverage and rates in the industry. We have had tremendous success with this product already, often saving our new clients 15-20% in premium, while increasing their overall coverage.
We have created this product with the flexibility to cover nearly any farm operation.

For more information call your FNA rep or visit www.westernfinancialgroup.ca

“Through my local Western Financial Group broker I saved almost 20% — while getting better coverage — by getting a quote on the FNA insurance program.”
— Robert McBride, Gilbert Plains, Manitoba

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