Taurus Natural Inc.


Serving Western Canada since 1952

Has been a family operation since the 1950’s and is now owned by Bart Leavitt. They produce a full line of livestock products produced in a unique way from “Natural Rock Block Salt”. This natural ancient sea salt is free from contaminants and pollutants making the blocks and mineral mixes superior. Taurus can custom formulate with regular and chelated mineral to the customer specifications.
Providing quality nutritional products to FNA Members at dealer pricing!
Truckload deliveries across western Canada.
• Natural Trace Mineral Salt
• Iodized NTM* Salt
• Cobalt Iodized (Blue) Salt
• NTM Plus Selenium Salt
• Range Fortified Salt with Selenium
• Sulphur
• Maintenance Minerals
• Calving Minerals
• Breeding Minerals
• Custom Formulations

All products available in Blocks, Bags, Mini-Totes (1 T) or Bulk
*Natural Trace Mineral salt, containing over 50 naturally-occurring trace minerals.

For more information, pricing and to order, call us toll free 1-800-631-7382

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