Since its founding in 1939, the RONA organization has enjoyed an interesting history, one that is memorable for its audacious and courageous decision-making. In order to get around a monopoly that was threatening their ability to access supplies, a group of hardware store operators formed Les Marchands en Quincaillerie Ltée in 1939. A few years later, Rolland Dansereau and Napoléon Piotte took charge of the company, which eventually became Le Groupe RONA Inc. RONA benefits from a leading position in a very strong economic sector. Hardware products and building materials are in high demand and will remain so for years to come because of North American demographics. With stores in every province, RONA currently enjoysin 2011 19% share of the total $36-billion Canadian market. RONA is focused on three complementary sectors of activity in the hardware, renovation and construction marketplace: distribution, retail and commercial and professional. RONA recognizes that consumers, like dealer-owners, have varying needs and goals. Which is why RONA has developed a unique business model designed to satisfy different types of customers and as well as different types of dealer-owners.

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