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FNA Members receive Preferred Pricing on most in-store items.

With more than 580 stores throughout Canada and 80 years of history, and preferential pricing for FNA Members it’s no doubt that NAPA is a key part of your Membership Benefits Package.

NAPA Auto Parts stores offer a wide range of replacement parts, accessories, supplies, tools, equipment and quality products to the consumer groups that make up our clientele, namely, repair shops, commercial fleet operators, professional mechanics, do-it-yourselfers, and automobile owners. All of NAPA’s products, from the best-known brand names to private brands such as NAPA, UltraPro, UltraCraft and BodyPro, have become synonymous with “reliability” and “affordability.”

NAPA Auto Parts, subsidiary of UAP Inc., the Canadian leader in the distribution, merchandising and remanufacturing of automotive parts and replacement accessories for cars, truck and heavy vehicles. Over the years, UAP has earned a reputation for product excellence, unsurpassed customer service, support and dynamic growth in all of its markets – a dynamism prompting profitable expansion from the very beginning in 1926 when the company was established as United Auto Parts Limited. Today, the company has more than 4,000 employees.

Show your FNA Membership card and let counter person know Preferred Pricing is listed under “Farmers of North America.”

PLUS: FNA Members gain access to even Deeper Discounts on NAPA’s impressive line-up of Air, Fuel, Oil & Transmission Filters! Be sure to check NAPA before buying Filters any-where else.

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