James Western Star Sterling Ltd.

Ride with the James Gang?

Family owned and operated by the “James Gang”, is proud to have taken a successful roll in the BC business community for over 40 years. 5 branches and 2 associate outlets in BC
Special FNA pricing on:

  • All Parts, batteries, oil etc.
  • Shell Rotella oils and lubricants
  • new and used trailers
  • fleet pricing on new & used trucks by Western Star, Sterling and Freightliner (Kamloops and St John locations)

Other Products available:
<>parts, nuts bolts fasteners
shop supplies and chemicals
safety equipment
full service department

Kamloops: 1-888-818-8088
Prince George: 1-888-830-1036
Williams Lake: 1-888-830-2191
Fort St. John: 1-888-830-9909
Kelowna: 1-800-6654990