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Through a partnership between FNA and DTN, all FNA Members will receive the industry-leading DTN Six Factors Market Strategies. The subscriptions (DTN Northern Grains Market Strategies & DTN Grains Market Strategies) are sold to other farmers at a cost of $43 U.S./month, so this represents a $516/year value or $1032/year, if you take both subscriptions. With proven, unbiased DTN Grains Strategies and DTN Northern Grains Strategies, you can…
• Better understand the markets — there are hundreds of reasons why the markets move in a particular direction on any given day. We break through the noise by focusing on these six key factors: trend, noncommercial outlook, commercial traders, seasonal index, price probability, and volatility.
• Maximize opportunities and reduce risk — we do the homework for you to provide profitable and conservative marketing recommendations using cash, futures, and options strategies.
• Make more confident decisions — our simplified approach to marketing intelligence is easy to understand and use. By better recognizing the real triggers behind daily market movements, you can have greater confidence in your marketing decisions.

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