Co-op Hail


For over 60 years, Co-op Hail has striven to provide hail insurance to its members at cost. With over 70 skilled and fair adjusters in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, quick, friendly service are top priority.

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Join the growing number of farmers in Saskatchewan & Manitoba who look to Co-op Hail Insurance for:

● Competitive Rates
● Prompt Settlement
● Member Dividends
● 15% Harvest Allowance

“I am very happy with Co-op Hail. I had Municipal and Co-op hail insurance. I had hail on a fair amount of crop, and after both were done adjusting they were exactly the same, except that Co-op Hail left my pea claim open in case it did not rain, as the peas will show more damage if stressed by drought.”
—Calvin Ruthven, Lisieux, SK

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