MPOWERing farmers to transform agribusiness!

AgraCity’s core business is the procurement, production, packaging, sale and distribution of crop inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, inoculants) and other ag-related products to stakeholders in a value added manner.

AgraCity is focused on direct to farm input supply, including the products developed by NewAgco, as well as other third-party products sourced globally and delivered directly to FNA Members.

AgraCity is committed to business relationships that support the financial success of its business partners while maximizing profitability for farmers. Built on a unique relationship with individual farmers, AgraCity’s mission is MPOWERing farmers to transform agribusiness by creating a supply chain from product development to farm delivery that drives efficiencies and creates value for each contributor – supplier and customer.

AgraCity is a dynamic organization with strong entrepreneurial spirit. The values we embrace are based on this fact and provide the basis for our continuing success.

  • We are a passionate and committed team with a desire to change the way agribusiness is conducted.
  • We seek creative and unique ideas that will contribute to the success of AgraCity and our stakeholders
  • We embrace innovation, flexibility and adaptability

We are business savvy, take prudent risks, have the will to succeed and are dedicated to our mission.