AgServe Tire Liquidation Blow Out

AgServe has a very limited number of the following tires which it needs to sell to complete its inventory liquidation. Quantities available range from 1 unit to 85.  Call for pricing and availability: 1-855-362-3276.

Or use the Contact Form for any queries:

15″ x 8″ (9.5 and 11L15 tire) 8 hole Standard Wheel
Alliance-670-15 Impmaster 200 I-1 6 ply TL
Alliance-12.4R46 148A8 Narrow Radial TL R-1 (350)
Alliance-750/65R26(28LR26) 166A8 Radial TL R-1 (360)
Alliance-600/65R28 154D/157A8 Radial TL R-1 (360)
Alliance-800/65R32 172A8 TL AgStar Stl Belted R-1W (375)
Alliance-18.4-34 Bias R-1 (324) 8ply TT
Alliance-20.8-38 Bias R-1 (347) 8 ply TT
Alliance-15.0/55-17 Rib Imp I-1 (222) 18 ply TL
Alliance-Flotation Implement TL(331) 48X25.00-20 NHS – 12
Alliance-760-15 Rib Imp 544 I-1 8ply TL
Alliance-11L-15 Rib Imp 544 I-1 8ply TL
Alliance-9.5L-15 Rib Imp Hi-speed F-1 8ply TL
Alliance – 11L-15 Rib Imp Hi-speed F-1 12ply TL
Alliance-12.5L-15 Rib Imp Hi-speed F-1 12ply TL
Alliance-280/85R24 (11.2R24) Farm Pro R-1W 115A8
Alliance-380/85R24 (14.9R24) Farm Pro R-1W 131A8
Alliance-380/85R28 (14.9R28) Farm Pro R-1W 133A8
Alliance-420/85R28 (16.9R28) Farm Pro R-1W 139A8
Alliance-420/85R30 (16.9R30) Farm Pro R-1W 140A8
Alliance-380/85R34 (14.9R34) Farm Pro R-1W 137A8
Alliance-460/85R34 (18.4R34) Farm Pro R-1W 147A8
Alliance-460/85R38 (18.4R38) Farm Pro R-1W 149A8
Alliance-520/85R38 (20.8R38) Farm Pro R-1W 155A8
Alliance-520/85R42 (20.8R42) Farm Pro R-1W 157A8
21.5 – 16.1 STA Traction Imp I – 3 14ply
24.5 – 32 Titan R-3 16ply TL mnted -10 hole Wheels (Orthman)
750-16 Alliance 3 rib F-2 Front Tractor 8 ply TT
Alliance -520/70R34 Farm Pro 70 R-1W TL
Alliance-10-16.5 Skid Steer (906) 10 ply TL
Tube – 18.4-38 Kleber Natural Rubber Tube
Galaxy – 420/85R28 (16.9R28) Ag Radial R-1W 139A8
Galaxy – 520/85R38 (20.8R38) Ag Radial R-1W 155A8
Galaxy – 30.5-32 AgMaster R-1 16PR TL
Galaxy – 9.5L15 Stubble Proof Hwy I-1 8PR TL
Galaxy – 11L15 Stubble Proof Hwy I-1 12PR TL

Clearing this inventory marks the switch from an in-house tire program to our suppliers at AgLine International  and Fountain Tire for all your tire needs.